19 Apr 2014 
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 What is Moodle?
  Moodle itself is free! To learn more about Moodle visit the Moodle community at: http://moodle.org/You can download it and install/manage it yourself on your own servers:
 Can I get help from this helpdesk?
  This helpdesk is for commercial clients of Moodle.com (i.e. Moodle Partners).If you are having problems accessing your account on your Moodle installation you must contact your teacher or the adminis
 Can I sell courses that I make?
  Moodle is open source under the GPL license. The license covers the source code of Moodle itself, but NOT any courses or content you produce with Moodle.Yes, you can sell your courses or access to your courses. Good luck with your business
 Who can use this Helpdesk?
  The Moodle.com helpdesk is for commercial queries only. We support our Moodle Partners as well as clients of our own development, consulting and other support services.  We can also answer questions about existin
 Can I use the Moodle logo on my website?
  If you are not offering Moodle commercial services (such as Moodle hosting, consulting, installation, training etc) then, yes, you can use the logo (we encourage it!).However if you are advertising/promoting/marketing Moodle commercial serv
 Can I use the word Moodle on my website?
  The word Moodle is a legally registered trademark, and can not be used to promote Moodle services (hosting, training, consulting, etc) without permission. For example, you can not advertise "Moodle hosting" without permission because this is
 Charge out rates for on-line presentations by Martin Dougiamas
  Standard billing rates for online presentations by Martin DougiamasRates effective from September 2009
 Charge out rates for in person appearances by Martin Dougiamas
  Standard billing rates for in-person appearances by Martin DougiamasRates effective from September 2009
 My password hasn't been sent to me!
 If you've enrolled in a course but have not received your password, you must contact your teacher or the administrator of the Moodle installation at your school, college or university.  We do not have access to your
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