Integration Partner

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Integration Partners are selected by Moodle to provide product solutions that complement our Moodle learning platform.

Our Integration Partners not only provide royalties towards improving Moodle, but also provide additional functionalities that extend your learning ecosystem to ensure the teaching and learning experience is the best it can be.

Why use a Moodle Integration Partner?

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Further functionality

Add extra components and tools beyond those included in Moodle Core to extend the functionality of your site and have a more complete learning ecosystem suited to your needs.

Certified by Moodle HQ

We ensure that the software and extensions from our Integration Partners complements with our own software, and that the process of purchase, integration, functionality and support is the best it can be.

Contribute to enhancing Moodle

Integration Partners are a key part of our strong global community. Together we collaborate so that we can continually enhance your learning platform.

Support our mission to empower educators

When you select our Integration Partners, a percentage of your payment to them goes towards supporting and improving our open source project.

Our Integration Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in becoming a Moodle Integration Partner?

For more information on partnering with Moodle, complete the enquiry form below and one of our team members will be in contact to discuss next steps.