Create engaging, interactive, and human-centred learning experiences

Gamoteca enables seamless creation of collaborative, human-to-human learning experiences, allowing learners to interact and practice skills anytime, anywhere, on a global scale.

Access the Creator platform and download the Learner app from the Apple App or Google Play stores. Experience interactive learning by signing up for Gamoteca.

Create engaging, interactive, and human-centred learning experiences
A short introduction to Gamoteca
Peer-to-peer learning Image

Peer-to-peer learning

Facilitate peer-to-peer learning at scale, enhancing the effectiveness, engagement, and enjoyment of co-learning activities.

Practice-based learning Image

Practice-based learning

Empower learners with practice-based activities that drive skill enhancement and foster positive behavioural changes.

Access to templates Image

Access to templates

Customise our free templates (onboarding, practise public speaking, interview skills, preventing bias, mentoring, design thinking) so you can quickly deploy or create your own learning experiences.

Easy integration Image

Easy integration

Seamlessly integrate with Moodle using our dedicated plugin to enhance course activities and sync progress effectively.

Multiplayer experiences Image

Multiplayer experiences

Gamoteca has all the elements to create fun and collaborative Technology Enhanced Collaboration Activities (TECAs) with – media, roles, tasks, game elements (points, conditions, branching) and interactions (learners can share content with each other and provide real-time feedback).

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