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GO1 is a new and better way to train your team

GO1 is a commercial service that aggregates over 170,000 business training resources from around the world into one portal. GO1 Premium gives you unlimited access to a growing library containing thousands of learning resources, from top training providers around the world. Connecting Moodle with the GO1 plugin enables you to search the GO1 library for the training content you need and easily add it to your chosen Moodle course for a seamless course delivery experience between both products.

Transform your training with GO1 and Moodle – leaders in learning, design and delivery.

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Reduce Risk

GO1 has ongoing safety and compliance training to meet your legal obligations and protect your business.

Onboard efficiently

Use GO1 to create tailored on-boarding programs, to help your team hit the ground running..

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Up-skill and retain

Use GO1 training, to build skilled employees and engaged and productive teams.

A content rich learning experience

A content rich learning experience

GO1’s courses and learning resources are embedded within modules, so students can launch a course without leaving Moodle.

customise your modules

Customise your modules with GO1 resources

With one click of a button, add a GO1 item to your module to build out your course.

Tracking learning progress

Progress on SCORM files will be tracked so students can stop and start their learning at the time that best suits their needs.

Ready to get GO1 with Moodle?

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