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Track, view and analyse your Moodle data in real time

Data visualisation, reporting and analytics are  important components of online learning strategies and educational business decisions.

Our IntelliBoard plugin provides corporate and educational users of Moodle with tools that significantly enhance their reporting and analytics. Our Intelliboard plugin extracts the statistical data collected in Moodle and presents it on a single dashboard as easy-to-read, aesthetic and printable charts, graphs, and formatted reports.

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Track results instantly

Get to know your learners by seeing their learning performance results instantly

MoodleCoreIcon Full integration

Compare and analyse

Compare course performance across time and instructor. Analyse activity completion and engagement

MoodleCoreIcon Customisable

Data security

Know that your data is your data, and no data is stored outside of your LMS.

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Monitor learning process

Use multiple reports that identify at-risk learners using YOUR institutional parameters.

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Identify patterns of learner behaviour and create interventions to keep learners focused, on-track, engaged and successful.

MoodleCoreIcon Analytics and tracking


Schedule reports for when you need them.

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