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    MoodleCloud is designed for organisations who want to utilise our Moodle LMS without code-level customisations and integrations.

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    Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

    All your questions, answered in our extensive Moodle FAQ

    Resources for Moodle LMS users and administrators


    Set Up Moodle LMS

    A quick start guide to getting and setting up Moodle LMS.


    Download and install the latest Moodle LMS release on your own server.


    Learn how to manage a course, add activities and resources, discover new features.

    Moodle App

    Improve how you connect and take Moodle with you, wherever you go.


    Information on how to get started, manage a course, add activities & resources, and discover new features.


    Get a Moodle certification to help your career as an educator, administrator, developer or designer.

    Moodle Success Stories

    Read our success stories to learn how people use Moodle to facilitate creating high quality learning environments.

    Moodle Certified Service Providers

    Our network of Certified Service Providers will transform Moodle into a solution that meets your unique needs. Providing expertise in customisations, hosting, support and training, Moodle Certified Service Providers take a lead role in assisting institutions and organisations transition to, or upscale, their Moodle online learning platforms.