Focus your learning with Moodle tags

Ever tagged an image on Facebook? Clicked through a hashtag on Twitter? Tags are useful for connecting people with other people, ideas and resources. Moodle has had tags for many years, and recent versions have greatly increased their functionality. Let’s take a look at what you can do with tags on your Moodle site, administrator settings permitted:

Tag your interests

Just go to your profile editing page and enter your interests/tags. If a tag you entered already exists, you get associated to that tag and you’ll see it in your profile as here:

You love films, right? Just click the Films tag and you’ll see other participants with the same passions:

Course and activity tags

A great way teachers can help learners quickly find courses and activities relevant to their needs is to use course or activity tags. These may be added at the end of the settings pages of a course or particular activity. Administrators can define ‘standard tags’ which are available when teachers add tags. For example, if you want to identify the level of a new course or activity, you can add the appropriate course tag, and learners can easily locate content at their level:

Ideas in action: Language tags

In the recent Learn Moodle Basics MOOC, we added language tags as standard tags. We used the Tags block to display the different language tags:

Clicking on a particular language then displays not only courses but but forum posts, glossary entries, wiki entries, database entries, book chapters and more… See the documentation on Tags for more information. Very helpful in a multi-lingual course!

Coming soon for tags…

Thanks to funding from the Moodle Users Association, work is underway for improvements in question bank tags.

If you’re interested in reading about this exciting tag enhancements, the developer documentation on improved question bank tags is here.

Start connecting with other people, ideas and resources in your Moodle through tags! Enjoy this feature Moodlers.

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