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    What percentage of total company income is derived from the following sectors?

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    What Moodle services does your company provide?


    Moodle analytics services

    Complete this section if your company offers Moodle analytics services. Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data; and the process of applying those patterns towards effective decision making for a client. Custom reporting is an element of analytics services.

    Moodle certification services

    Complete this section if your company offers certification services. Certification can include any form of recognised training.

    Moodle consulting services

    Complete this section if your company offers Moodle consulting services. Consulting services relate to ad hoc advice and guidance about implementation and use of Moodle.

    Moodle courseware/content creation services

    Complete this section if your company offers Moodle courseware or content creation services, either from your own content creation, or by using content from the client or external sources.

    Moodle development services

    Complete this section if your company offers Moodle development services. Development services are custom code changes to Moodle by qualified programmers, or the development of completely custom modules for specific needs.

    Moodle hosting services

    Complete this section if you offer Moodle hosting services. Moodle hosting is maintaining Moodle sites for your clients, either on your own internal servers or on external servers.

    Moodle installation services

    Complete this section if your company offers Moodle installation services. Installation services include one-off set up and confguration of Moodle.

    Moodle integration services

    Complete this section if your company offers Moodle integration services. Integration services relate to building or providing integration points between Moodle and other software applications.

    Moodle support services

    Complete this section if your company offers Moodle support services (e.g. helpdesk or other access to people able to answer Moodle-related questions).

    Moodle theme services

    Complete this section if your company offers Moodle theme creation services.

    Moodle training services

    Complete this section if your company offers Moodle training services.

    Staff providing Moodle services

    Please provide the number of full time staff for the roles below:


    Moodle Technical Evaluation

    Important: We are NOT looking for an existing client site. This needs to be a brand-new site created exclusively for this technical evaluation.

    This technical evaluation will help us assess your ability to provide Moodle Services. We will evaluate the following:

    Moodle Infrastructure Technical Knowledge

    *The provided Moodle site needs to be hosted in a cloud infrastructure. As a minimum requirement, this site needs to be able to support at least 500 concurrent users and needs to follow the minimum Performance Recommendations and Security Recommendations.

    Moodle Administration Knowledge

    *This needs to represent a typical site you would configure for a client to show your deep understanding of Moodle at a technical level, including up-to date components, security and privacy.

    *Include standard elements that you would configure including plug-ins, theme, database settings, security settings, privacy settings and performance tuning.

    *Site should be available in English (with English content).

    *Include notes, explanations, or anything else that will help us understand your site and the services your company offers. We'll be looking for things such as the versions you're using (Moodle, PHP, db), the way in which the site is configured, security, etc.

    *Be sure to create an admin user account for us and add it to the admin group (Site Administration>Users>Site Administrators). Be sure to include the username and password in your notes for us.

    Moodle Course Design Knowledge

    *To demonstrate your understanding of Moodle course design, you must include at least 2 courses that you have created. We will be looking at factors such as accessibility and usability.

    *You have complete control over what to include, however it should demonstrate your skill in creating a course that is effective and attractive and uses a few Moodle elements

    *Courses should be available in English (with English content).

    Moodle Plugin Evaluation (required only if development services are provided).

    *The plugin should demonstrate your understanding of Moodle, Moodle coding guidelines, general coding skills and other factors such as accessibility and usability.

    *The plugin should address an actual need. It must extend the functionality of Moodle and the plugin needs to pass the plugin contribution check list.

    *Send us the plugin as a zip (or similar) file or provide access (url) to where the code can be inspected such as a git repository. If you already have an approved plugin in the Moodle Plugin Directory, please send us the link to the plugin.

    Client Reference 1

    Provide contact details for 5 of your clients who will be willing to answer a set of approximately 10 questions about the services they’ve received from your company. Please provide:

    Client Reference 2

    Client Reference 3

    Client Reference 4

    Client Reference 5


    As with all information on this application, financial information will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with anyone outside the Moodle HQ Business Development team.

    In Australian dollars (AUD) indicate the total amount of revenue derived from the sale of Moodle commercial services for the following years:

    If you become a Moodle Partner, indicate the amount of revenue for Moodle commercial services for:

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