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August 24-27 2020 - Online event

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The Moodle un-conference

MoodleMoot DACH is the annual Moodle conference for German, Austrian and Swiss Moodle users and developers.

This event is a mixture of a BarCamp and a DevCamp and is a great opportunity to work hands-on on real Moodle projects, in small teams made of open-source developers, instructional designers and education professionals.

MoodleMoot DACH 2020 online

Join the Moodle community of Germany, Austria and Switzerland for an online MoodleMoot DACH 2020: a 4-day free online event to foster the exchange of ideas and experiences & get hands-on working on Moodle code!

Designed for Moodle users, administrators, teachers, developers and educators working in the higher education sector, the conference is organised in a DevCamp and a BarCamp:

  • DevCamp – August 24 & 25
    Join a two-day intensive hackathon and work with like-minded Moodle developers in real projects: you’ll produce real, working Moodle code while having the opportunity to exchange know-how and validate your ideas.
    You’ll be able to pitch your project at the beginning of the event – or to join the ones pitched by others that spark your interest the most!
  • BarCamp – August 26 & 27
    The BarCamp at #MootDACH20 runs as a non-conference and provides an open environment where people can exchange ideas and learn from each other. The schedule is entirely suggested and picked by participants. If you’d like to submit a proposal for a session, do it in the BarCamp forums before August 25!


Event information

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Dates: August 24-27, 2020Location: MoodleMoot DACH 2020 online is an online event.

For all of you who have great ideas which you would like to work on during our upcoming Moodle DevCamp, you can already pitch them for the 48h DevSession 🙂 #moodle #mootDACH20

To all those #moodle developers out there- join us at our first online MoodleMootDACH DevCamp from 24th-26th of August - 48h of coding 😉 #mootDACH20

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Interested in supporting MoodleMoot DACH 2020 online as a sponsor?

Moodle events are supported by the contribution of sponsors and exhibitors, providing relevant services and support for education technology.

If you and your organisation are interested in supporting MoodleMoot DACH 2020 online as a sponsor, we’d love to hear from you.

Please contact us so that we can talk with you about sponsorship options that would be best suited to your organisation/company.


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MoodleMoot DACH 2020 online is a free event - make sure to book your registration through their website to get all the necessary information to participate!

Book your spot for MootDACH20 today!

Submit a presentation

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To submit a session proposal for the BarCamp please share a short video with an overview of the session in the BarCamp Forum before August 25.


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For any event related enquiries, please contact us using the below form.

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Past Events

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MoodleMoot DACH 2019 (#MootDACH19) is being held 10-13 September at Vienna University of Technology in Vienna, Austria.

We are looking forward to seeing all Austrian, Swiss and German Moodlers and of course all Moodlers from around the world who would like to participate!

The event will be a 4-day long experience held as a mixture of a BarCamp and a DevCamp.

Event information

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Dates: September 10-13, 2019Location: Vienna University of Technology TUtheSky, Getreidemarkt 9 1060, Vienna, Austria

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