Can you explain the different limitations?

First and most important, the limitations are applied on a site basis. *

  • Multimedia Push notifications: Your Push notifications will include images and similar messages will be grouped (only Android)
  • Basic branding: There is a tool in this portal to apply a very basic customisation of styles (header, footer and progress bars colours). Site admins can also upload a CSS file with basic styles for the app. The styles will only be applied on Premium sites. See Moodle app guide for admins for more information about this functionality.
  • Number of active devices for mobile push notifications: Calculated monthly, this is the number of user devices actively receiving push notifications from the site. For example, for a site with 100 users enrolled, if half of them are using the app with one device configured to receive notifications, the potential number of active devices per month will be 50. In the Free plan, where the limit is set to 50, only the first 50 devices in a month will receive notifications from the site.
  • Offline access to content: Complete courses available offline. Contents downloaded individually will be still available offline, but the user will be able to download complete courses for offline access to a certain limit depending on the plan.
  • Customisable app features: These are app features that can be configured via the Moodle site administration tools (Moodle app section). For details, see Moodle app guide for admins.
  • QR Login: Your users will be able to log in in the app by scanning a QR code in their Moodle web profile (requires Moodle 3.9).
  • Custom listing in search results: Your users will be able to find your site by name instead of typing the complete site’s URL. You can configure how your site information is displayed in the “Site finder” including adding an image for your site and additional information.