How do I get started?

Depending on your requirements and available resources, there are various options to get Moodle as your online learning platform:

  • As Moodle is open source, you can directly download Moodle. Please note that we recommend you do this if you have your own server, data storage and also technical abilities to configure your Moodle.
  • Get a MoodleCloud site, which is hosted by Moodle HQ – the company and people behind Moodle. Please note that there are different plans for MoodleCloud, up to 1,000 users and specific data storage.
  • Work with one of our Certified Moodle Partners, who provide various services from configuring, hosting, upgrading, customisation services for your Moodle platform.

For a comparative table on how to get started with Moodle, please visit the pricing page on our website.