How do I log in to my MoodleCloud site?

To log in to your MoodleCloud site, go directly to your site URL. Remember your site could be:

  • [yoursitename] (Free Trial and MoodleCloud sites’ URL format).
  • [yoursitename] (Moodle for School sites’ URL format).

When you reach your site’s login screen, you will need to enter your username and password. The username you enter depends on what type of Moodle user you are:

  • The site owner (who signed up for this site) has the username: admin
  • All other users (teachers, students, etc) have unique usernames – typically one provided by your site admin.

Enter your password. To keep things simple, your MoodleCloud site and portal passwords are synchronised. Therefore, use the same password to log in to your Moodle site and the portal.