We are an NGO or a non-profit organisation. Do we need to upgrade? And do we need to pay?

NGOs and non-profit organisations can be eligible for a Premium Plan for free.

Upon receipt of the necessary documentation and validation from Moodle HQ, organisations will have full access. 

Please, follow this process to request a Premium Plan for free:

  • Create a free plan account in the Moodle Apps Portal and complete the validation process for your site
  • Submit a ticket support request via the Support tab providing additional information, including:
    • Your main website URL (the organisation website, not the Moodle site)
    • Your Moodle site URLs
    • A link that clearly indicates that your organisation is considered NGO/non-profit in your country of origin
    • A brief summary of what your organisation does
    • For what you use Moodle (for example, for training my employees, for training external people under certain circumstances, etc…)
    • How many Moodle users will you have in a typical year?
    • Any other additional information that can be of our interest
  • Moodle HQ will evaluate your request, please note that due to the high demand this process can take several weeks to complete

Take into account:

  • Universities, colleges and schools are not eligible for any discount on any plan.
  • Organisations funded or that mainly depend on government/state funds are not initially eligible. This will be reviewed case by case.
  • Organisations who provide paid training/courses are not initially eligible. This will be reviewed case by case.
  • The Branded Moodle App is excluded from this proposition, we don’t offer it for free under any circumstance.
  • More information about the different criteria will be provided during your request review.