There are currently two MoodleCloud packages available: MoodleCloud Free Trial and MoodleCloud plans. Each package contains a set of features including selected plugins.

The MoodleCloud Free Trial is a 45 day trial of our largest MoodleCloud plan. You are able to purchase one of our inexpensive plans any time during the 45 days to suit your needs. 

The MoodleCloud package has five plans. Each with different user and file storage allowance, but otherwise they all have the same features. See for further details.

The Moodle for School packages are no longer available to purchase but if you currently have one, you will be able to stay on your plan for as long as you want to pay for it. 

If you choose to move from a Moodle for School plan to one of our new MoodleCloud plans, please note that the following features are no longer available:

  • School theme
  • Moodle for School URL (the URL will change from to
  • MoodleCloud theme
  • Group Choice Activity
  • Level up!
  • Quizventure

You will find all the details of what is included in our new plans on the MoodleCloud website.