Help shape Moodle’s future

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Be part of our journey; empowering educators to improve our world.

We would love you to help us work on our roadmap priorities. If you want to be contacted about specific projects, tasks or initiatives, please register your interest below. You are also welcome to be involved in Moodle’s future in other ways as listed in Contributing to Moodle.

Can you help with any of these?

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Verify user needs

We want to make sure we are working on what is important for our users. Can you help us validate the user needs and provide deeper insight into the user problems and journeys.


Our UX team is always looking for inspiration and ideas. Are you a designer with a passion for user experience who wants to contribute to Moodle’s vision?

UX / Usability testing

The key to great usability and user experience (UX) is to put it in front of real users from all walks of life. Would you like to be one of the first to check out new functionality and give early feedback and input?

Functionality Testing

We are always looking for people to help us with testing the product as we roll out new functionality. Do you have a good understanding of what users need, a focus on quality and an eye for details?

Developing for roadmap

To help us solve customer problems faster, we are looking for people to help on specific projects and initiatives aligned with our roadmap. Keen to develop with the HQ teams towards the same goals?

Social proof

In today’s climate, people select products because someone they trust loves the product. You can share your story and help spread the love.

Writing & Documentation

Moodle is supported and documented by the community under the guidance of Moodle HQ. If you like writing and keen to get involved for specific  projects, we’d love to hear from you.

Customer reference letters

Are you a Moodle user or customer and spin doctor, or copywriter with a wish for Moodle. Would you like to write your requirements in the form of a future reference letter?

Register your interest in shaping Moodle’s future

We are compiling a list of people that we can reach out to with specific requests and would love you to be part of the crew.

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