We are delighted to announce two of our latest Moodle Certified Integrations, LearnerScript and Zatuk.

These two Moodle Certified Integrations from Moodle India seamlessly integrate into your Moodle LMS to provide insight into the learners progress and an enhanced learning experience.

LearnerScript: Any device, one reporting tool

LearnerScript is a user-friendly enhanced reporting tool that helps educators, trainers and managers get actionable insights from their Moodle reporting. With four dashboards and 80 plus default reports to measure learning outcomes, LearnerScript offers plug-and-play open-source integration with your Moodle ecosystem.

The enhanced reporting tool gives you more flexibility in customising to meet your unique reporting needs. Some features of LearnerScript’s customisation include canned reports, creating new reports and dashboards, adding graphs and charts to visualise the reports, setting report permissions and exporting reports in various available formats.

LearnerScript helps to bridge gaps in the learning experience. With the LearnerScript user profile, you can get a summary of all your learning activities such as enrolled, in-progress, and completed courses. You can also drill-down the components to get further insights, enabling you to make a comparative analysis of learners to know about their unique learning experiences.  

Other key features of LearnerScript include instant communication with peers and students with instant messaging; this includes alerts with instant notifications and emailing a particular report to a particular role. The LearnerScript timeline feature lets you analyse your Moodle LMS reports over a period of time, summarising data from your Moodle platform for a week, month, year, or custom date range.

Sushil Karampuri, Founder of Moodle India, said, “In in order to fully reach their training goals, users of Moodle LMS needed a visual reporting tool to know their learning outcomes, without sharing their data with external tools. We brought in LearnerScript to solve this challenge and to bridge the gap between learning and reporting.”

Visit the LearnerScript Moodle Certified Integration page here.

Zatuk: A streamlining solution to enhance learning

Zatuk’s streamlining solution lets you stream video content seamlessly, delivering a smooth-running streaming experience for learners and integrating to your Moodle platform. You can manage your videos in a separate repository and make your Zoom or BigBlueButton recordings available on your Moodle learning platform without leaving the site. The integration of the streaming server and Moodle LMS is done from both sides to ensure a perfect synchronisation with automatic update of the video content.

Your media will be loaded and adapted to changing network conditions by raising or lowering the quality of the stream with built-in HLS technology. Learners can play their videos from where they pause or stop the video for any reason so that they don’t miss any of the content. 

With Zatuk, you can easily showcase video files in two ways, through a folder or thumbnail format, with an option to add a suitable title and description. Your video files are easily accessible and can be sorted based on specifications such as organisation, title, created date, and duration. Zatuk also provides a range of built-in safety measures to secure your content, so users can’t download or copy a URL and play it in another tab.

Sushil Karampuri said, “As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, video content has become an increasingly important learning tool. With lots of media files comes a high level of load on the performance of Moodle LMS. Zatuk takes off that load so that every learner will have a seamless streaming experience, according to their network bandwidth. Both LearnerScript and Zatuk can help millions of Moodle users around the world to improve their learning experience.”

Visit the Zatuk Moodle Certifed Integration page here.