Custom Moodle Development

Moodle customisation is one of our key services. Our team of developers will customise Moodle LMS or Moodle Workplace to meet the needs of your organisation including customisation of themes, mobile app customisation, plugin development and updates, user interface changes, and integration of Moodle with other systems.

Custom Moodle Development

Our Moodle customisation solutions


Moodle is one of the most popular open source LMS due to its customisable, robust and scalable features. As a Moodle-owned company, we take advantage of these very features to customise Moodle LMS, Moodle Workplace or Moodle Apps to meet your organisation’s specific needs. Our developers can customise themes, create custom reports, integrate systems, and update plugins at code-level so that your LMS meets your organisational needs.


We design and develop anything from basic Moodle themes to custom themes to meet your exact requirements. Our developers can create themes with user-friendly interfaces that create engaging learning experiences to meet the goals of higher education, K-12 and enterprise or corporate learning customers.

LMS Integrations

Our development teams have a thorough knowledge of integrating software systems and can integrate Moodle with other systems such as customer relationship management systems (CRMs), databases, HR systems, and student information systems. We extend development of integrations to proprietary databases.
LMS Integrations

Data, analytics and reports

We support institutions and organisations to measure and analyse the learning progress of students and the impact of programs with data analytics. Moodle generates a lot of data from which you can extract useful information in the form of report tables, charts and graphs. With a custom dashboard experience, organisations can have a variety of reporting presentations such as from system to course level reports. We also help organisations present the data they want using custom SQL reporting or tweak the existing canned reports to meet reporting needs. You can make your learning experiences effective with our enhanced reporting Certified Integation for Moodle platforms.
Data, analytics and reports

Our Mobile App customisation solutions

Offline learning Image

Offline learning

Learn anytime and anywhere by accessing Moodle course content offline. Learn on the go and stay connected to your learning community with the Moodle App.

Learn on any device Image

Learn on any device

Switch between the devices from desktop to tablet to mobile device to continue learning with automatic login through QR Code and Site Finder (avaiable only on premium Moodle App).

Learning with push notifications Image

Learning with push notifications

Alert your learners with updates about their learning progress by sending customised and automated notifications.

Create your brand identity Image

Create your brand identity

Customise the look and name of your app to match your educational institution or organisation’s brand identity.

Measure learning engagement Image

Measure learning engagement

Review mobile engagement analytics to get insights into how your learners use the app and improve your mobile learning experience further.

Get privacy features Image

Get privacy features

Access the advanced privacy features and host your site on a separate hosting space under Moodle’s GDPR-compliant infrastructure available for both Android and iOS.

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