Integration Partner

Proven applications and products that pair well with our platform.

Integration Partners are selected by Moodle to provide product solutions that complement our Moodle learning platform. Our Integration Partners not only provide royalties towards improving Moodle, but also provide additional functionalities that extend your learning ecosystem to ensure the teaching and learning experience is the best it can be.

Integration Partners

Blindside Networks

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for online learning


IntelliBoard is the premier reporting and analytics provider for Moodle


Bongo is a video assessment & soft skill development platform.

Integration Partners FAQ

What is a Premium Integrator?
A Moodle Premium Integrator provides a platform or application that fits alongside the Moodle platform within the learning ecosystem.
How can I access the tools or solutions from a Premium Integrator solution for my Moodle site?
You can get more information and support about Premium Integrators and the integration options by contacting us at Moodle HQ or our Moodle Partner network.
How much do the tools and solutions provided by Premium Integrator cost?
Each solution provided by our Premium Integrators are priced differently, according to chosen plans, site requirements and other criteria. individually priced. Please contact us at Moodle HQ or a get in touch with your local Moodle Partner to find the information you need.
What if I am already using a solution from a Premium Integrator?
You may want to stay with your current contract or have a discussion with a local Moodle Partner to review the terms of the available agreement.
What if I want to use another product similar to one of the ones provided by Premium Integrators?
The solutions or products provided by our Premium Integrators might not be suitable to everyone’s needs. We understand that and what we want is the best for your Moodle site/s. The aim of providing certified solutions from our Premium Integrators is to offer a number of systems that we feel fit within the Moodle ecosystem and make the process of setting up and overall functionality as good as it can be.

Interested in becoming a
Integration Partner?

To become a Integration Partner or request more information, please contact us by sending an email. One of our team members will then be in contact to discuss next steps.

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