Richiedi di diventare un rivenditore Moodle

Divisione di sezione

    Organisation information

    Applicant Information

    Motivation to be a Moodle Reseller

    Target Market

    What percentage of total company income is derived from the following sectors?

    Target Market

    What Moodle services does your company provide?


    Moodle support services

    Complete this section if your company offers Moodle support services (e.g. helpdesk or other access to people able to answer Moodle-related questions).

    Staff providing Moodle services

    Please provide the number of full time staff for the roles below:


    Client Reference 1

    Provide contact details for 5 of your clients who will be willing to answer a set of approximately 10 questions about the services they’ve received from your company. Please provide:

    Client Reference 2

    Client Reference 3

    Client Reference 4

    Client Reference 5

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