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The Moodle Educator Certification Program (MEC) is designed for experienced Moodle-using teachers to enhance their existing skills and advance their careers with recognised credentials.

By participating in the MEC Direct program, you’ll become an in-house MEC facilitator and take a leading role in the teaching and learning transformation of your organisation.

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Through MEC Direct, you will become a MEC facilitator in your organisation, enabling you to develop and empower your colleagues to be more effective educators as they go through the six-course certification program.

Our MEC program is based on the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu) and its six courses cover six core areas to help you become a more effective educator in today’s growing digital workplace:

Professional engagement

Professional Engagement:
Organisational communication/Professional collaboration/Reflective practice/Digital CPD



Assessment strategies/Analysing evidence/Feedback and planning


Digital Resources

Digital Resources:
Selecting/Creating and modifying/Managing. protecting and sharing digital resources


Empowering Learners

Empowering Learners:
Accessiblity and inclusion/Differentiation and personalisation/Actively engaging learners


Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning:
Teaching/Guidance/Colllaborative learning/Self-regulated learning

Facilitating Learners’ Digital Competence

Facilitating learners' Digital Competence:
Information and Media literacy/Digital communication and collaboration/Digital content creation/Responsible use/Digital problem-solving

Each of the courses will enhance your Moodle knowledge with comprehensive case studies followed by formative quizzes and summative assignments. You’ll be awarded with a badge for each course, and once you’ve obtained all 6 badges, you’ll achieve Moodle Certified Educator status.

The MEC Direct certification process


As your organisation’s “go-to” Moodle expert, you’ll first participate in the MEC program with Moodle HQ.

Once you’re a Certified Moodle Educator, you’ll take our MEC Direct Facilitator training course to ensure you’re confident with the program administration and assessment procedures.

We’ll then set you up with your own private, secure and dedicated area in our MEC Site ( for you to facilitate MEC Direct for your colleagues.
Our team will provide technical and pedagogical support so you can focus on facilitating MEC Direct.

Once your colleagues obtain their 6 MEC badges, they can apply for an official MEC certification, issued by Moodle HQ (that’s us!)

Who can apply for MEC Direct?


To be considered for the program, organisations must have

  • Primarily an educational focus (not commercial)
  • At least one Moodle expert/instructional designer who can facilitate the program
  • A minimum of 50 educators who could be certified. If you have fewer than that, please reach out to one of our MEC Moodle Partners.

MEC Direct Pricing

Certify your facilitator

Take your chosen facilitator through the MEC course and training program


600 EUR / facilitator

Exchange rates

Administration fee

Technical and pedagogical support provided by Moodle HQ


2000 EUR / Year

Exchange rates


Standard fee for each certificate issued


200 EUR / Certificate

Exchange rates

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