10 Awesome Time-Saving Features in the Latest Moodle Release


Moodle 2.9 aims to make Moodle simpler and friendlier for teachers to use, from streamlined navigation to improved activities. Here are a few awesome new features which will allow for efficient teaching and learning while still leaving time for some R&R!

1. It now takes seconds to brighten up your course sections with images; simply drag them from your desktop into the Atto editor once the editing is turned on. And in fact, anywhere you see the Atto editor, whether teacher or student, you can do the same.

2. Got a course section you don’t want? No more having to drag it down to the bottom and hide it (unsatisfactory solution) or manually delete every item. Now, with the click of an X you can delete a whole section and its content from any location on the course.

3. Students get a quick view of how they are progressing in each course by going to their Grades page in the improved User menu. They’ll see course totals and are able to easily view their user report in each course.

4. Your students will also appreciate having a neat print-off of their Quiz questions, results and feedback, using their browser’s print option. Now available in Moodle 2.9!

5. Teachers who make their activity titles clear enough sometimes found it irksome to have to add a description as well. A new setting allows admins to decide for the site as a whole whether activity descriptions are required or not.

6. Manage your profile much more efficiently from the new Profile page in the User menu. Quickly access your account details, blog and forum posts and check you’re not logged in where you shouldn’t be in a new Browser sessions page.

7. Sending messages just got friendlier! A pop up box allows you to message colleagues or classmates without losing the page you were working on – another example of improved navigation helping save time.

8. Find files in other courses more easily: If you’re a teacher in several courses, the new Search server files box accessed from the File picker>Server files repository means you don’t have to waste time sifting through folders and sections in other courses to get a file you need. Type in the file name or a file extension and the search should display just what you’re looking for.

9. Do you teach several groups in one Moodle course? Do they all use your forum? Previously you had the laborious task of typing out your post separately for each group; needless repetition. Now with the Post a copy to all groups option, you only need do this once for all.

10. Are you a cohort or meta-linked course user? It’s now much easier to add several cohorts or meta-linked courses to a new course with the new “Add method and create another” button, and the students can be added to an existing or new group in your course at the same time.

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