Moodle has now grown to reach 100,000 registered sites: help us celebrate this milestone!

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Last week we shared five reasons to register your Moodle site and it looks like you, our global Moodle community, took note!

We’re pleased to announce that Moodle has now surpassed the exciting milestones of over 100,000 registered sites and 130 million registered users!

Every registered Moodle site gives us, Moodle HQ, a better picture of how Moodle is used worldwide. We use this information to make data-driven decisions about new features and plugins which will improve how our platform is used. Put simply, we make Moodle work for you!

Will you join us in saying “thank you” to all of the Moodlers that have registered and supported our mission?

We’re celebrating the 100,000 registered sites the best way we know how, by uniting our global community! We want you to share messages or videos telling us how you use your Moodle site to advance our mission of empowering educators to improve our world.

Check out the post on to get involved.

We’re thrilled to reach this milestone but we know there are more Moodle sites which haven’t been registered yet. Is your Moodle site one of them?

Of course registering your Moodle site is optional, but the more sites that are registered, the better a picture we get of how Moodle is used. Registered sites also enjoy benefits such receiving an email whenever there are new releases of Moodle or security alerts.

You can register your site by logging in as an administrator and going to Site administration > Registration. Only sites which are online can be registered.
We’re so excited for you to share the #MoodleLove and your stories on You can also stay in the loop by following the hashtag on social media.

If you want to be the first to know about Moodle updates and help us improve Moodle, register today or learn more at

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