12 Easy to Follow Tips for Moodle Quiz Creation

May 6, 2015 By Moodle

Quiz is one of the most popular – and powerful activities in Moodle. Alongside its many standard features, there are over 80 Quiz plugins allowing you to customise it to your needs. 

1. Word your questions wisely: The challenge from the quiz should come from the subject, not the question legibility. You might be using the most technically advanced options, but if your questions are ambiguous or misleading, your students won’t learn.

2. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback. Good questions are nothing without detailed, constructive feedback – for each right and wrong answer and for each question as a whole.

3. Overall feedback by grade boundaries: It’s a nice touch to add specific feedback according to a student’s score range. It can summarises their performance in a useful, motivational way.

4. New in 2.9! Use section headings when building your quiz to improve the quiz navigation, and shuffle the questions within selected sections.

5. Examine different Question behaviours: A quiz doesn’t have to be a one-off assessment of knowledge. Allowing multiple question attempts, with hints and feedback, makes your quiz a formative tool where your students can develop their understanding.

6. Use a mix of Question types: It’s not just about multiple choice! Investigate the many standard and contributed question types to vary the students’ quiz experience.

7. Don’t let your students bluff their way to success! If you do use multiple choice questions, then include Certainty based marking to reward those who genuinely learned the subject.

8. Enhance your quiz with multimedia: Use stock images and search Creative Commons for appropriate materials to create visual and audio cues.

9. New in 2.9! Restrict access to questions until students have answered previous questions  by building your quiz with conditional questions.

10. Be mindful of your students’ needs. Use the override facility to grant extensions or increase time limits for those individuals or groups who would benefit from them.

11. Import questions and share your own. Quiz questions can be exported and imported in various formats, saving you and colleagues time. And why not share yours with teachers worldwide in the Moodle.net Course Content database?

12. New in 2.9! Print your quiz. We all want to save paper but sometimes teachers and students benefit from a complete quiz print-off. Using the browser print function, students can get a neatly laid out copy of their quiz with score and feedback.