Any Way You Want It — Moodle’s Demo Sites

November 6, 2014 By Moodle

At Moodle, we aim to be the best LMS for supporting education in any environment, with an emphasis on accessibility. As a free open source product, users can download direct from our site to experience the features of Moodle, or use one of the demo sites.

To experience the features, design and capability of Moodle in the latest version, you can enter one of our two sites. Choose to explore Moodle in action with Mount Orange School or play with Moodle’s standard features in sandbox. Both sites are reset to their  blank state every hour, on the hour, which allows anyone to alter, add, remove items in the platform and return to a clean slate every sixty minutes.

Mount Orange School Demo
Mount Orange  School is fully loaded playground to try as a  manager, teacher, or  student, parent. It’s a  demonstration school site showcasing  high quality courses for students aged from 8 to 18 years.The courses make full use of Moodle’s features and are open to guests. Additional activities are added with each new Moodle release to highlight the latest enhancements.

Moodle offers the ability to download the course content from the learning site, providing open education resources for the world. To try the official Moodle Mobile app, users can log in with the roles on the free app on most devices.


Like the empty sand pit near the playground, Moodle’s Sandbox demo allows users to build, remove, and create in an empty version of Moodle to experience the capabilities. This hands-on exploration of Moodle provides a sense of user-interface design within the latest stable version of Moodle.


The ability to trial a learning platform is not uncommon in the industry, yet as a free open source software, Moodle makes course content on the site available under the Creative Commons licence, and allows users greater freedoms to explore and experience, because

Any way you want it. That’s the way you need it.