Kinga Pilarek

Virtual Birthday with Moodle
How to celebrate a birthday during a global pandemic
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way in which we do many things - work, learn and even celebrate. One such case is at the Kimolia Art Cafe, in Athens,...
My Learning Space
My Learning Space achieves Certified Premium status in the Moodle Partner network
Providing their customers with high quality e-learning solutions in the corporate, government, not-for-profit and education sectors, Moodle Partner My Learning Space joins the ranks of our Moodle Certified Premium Partner...
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The impact of Covid-19 on online learning
Moodle in numbers during Covid-19
Since COVID-19 hit, there has been a huge shift in the way people teach, learn and work. Access to online learning is now more important than ever, as we witness...
Moodle bringing people together with an online cafe
Greek Cafe goes viral with Moodle
The story of Kimolia, a small art cafe in Athens, is one that has pushed the boundaries of the hospitality industry, with the intention of keeping their community together during...
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Enovation Moodle Certified Premium Partner
Enovation achieves Certified Premium Moodle Partner status
Since launching our Global Certified Premium Partner Program on February 2020, we’ve seen Moodle Partners across the world apply and undergo a thorough application process. We focus on the quality...