Berea College Transitions to Moodle by eThink, Cuts Costs and Increases Efficiency

Berea College is a high-quality liberal arts school in Kentucky with an annual enrollment of 1,600 students. In this case study learn how Moodle
by eThink provided solutions to the challenges Berea College was facing with their self-hosted Moodle instance.

With Moodle by eThink, Berea College now enjoys a fully-managed Moodle site, including unlimited storage, unlimited modules, and industry-leading customer support and service. By putting their Moodle site in the hands of experts, Berea College has increased productivity and cut LMS costs.

The Challenge

In 2009, Berea College began self-hosting Moodle, the world’s most widely used Learning Management System. Over the next three years, the College’s Educational Technology team recognized that they needed more assistance in maintainingtheir Moodle site.

They contracted an outside company to help solve technical issues on a consultative basis. Soon, however, they began running into additional issues, such as the inability to scale the site on their server and incremental downtime.

Between the time spent internally managing Moodle and the money spent contracting an outside consultancy, the costs to maintain their LMS had risen exponentially. The Educational Technology team knew that there had to be a more cost-effective solution. Berea began evaluating solutions in order to improve efficiencies and combine common practices.

In 2014, Berea College chose Certified Moodle Partner, eThink Education, as their Moodle provider.

About eThink

eThink Education is a Certified Moodle Partnerproviding implementation, integration, and management services for the open sourceLearning Management System, Moodle.Open-source Moodle is the most widely usedLearning Management System in the world. When implemented and managed by experts,Moodle is an extremely dynamic platform that surpasses the functionality of competingsystems in the market. eThink’s Moodle cloud hosting services offers unrivaled performance and exceptional value.

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