Blended learning with Moodle empower over 3,500 international learners

December 20, 2017 By Moodle


CLL Language Centres were created by Université Catholique de Louvain in 1984, with an aim to provide communicative, oral and interactive approach to language teaching.

Today, CLL Language Centres have a team of 600 trainers teaching 37 languages actively provide education for the general public – kids, teenagers and adults – for businesses, and members of staff from international institutions in Belgium.


In order to better suit the needs and busy agenda of the 3,500 professionals from international institutions, CLL decided to move from a traditional learning approach to a blended learning solution that combines face-to-face lessons with online tutored self-study.

Moodle, the leading open source Learning Management System (LMS), was the technical solution selected by the language school.


In 2012, CLL chose to engage with our Certified Moodle Partner in Ireland and France – Enovation – to develop the eLearning solution that would allow for their client staff to learn outside of the face-to-face lessons and for the trainers to guide and follow the learners’ progress online.

The flexibility of Moodle allows for personalised learning to adapt to the learner’s professional objectives. Based on the learner’s needs, CLL trainers will define a tailor-made learning plan, with a certain number of modules to complete to achieve the desired level and be certified.

Trainers can track and monitor the learner’s activities thanks to rich data and powerful reporting tools.
Built as an all-in-one platform, Moodle easily integrates external tools, such as the web conferencing system BigBlueButton tool deployed by Enovation, in order for CLL’s trainers to deliver a high-quality learning experience to the remote learners.

CLL also called on Enovation’s technical expertise to design and build customised plugins to adapt to the particular needs of the public institutions. An email-based self-registration feature was developed to enable learners to create their own account on Moodle and enrol into courses while observing the institutions’ rules of confidentiality about their staff.
Another enabling key feature built by Enovation was a collaborative portfolio used by teachers to index and share resources with other trainers, while learners use it to export and categorise their work and document their learning.

As part of the project, Enovation customised Moodle to match CLL’s branding. Enovation also securely host the eLearning solution for CLL to guarantee a 24/7 access to the online learning platform and provide them with a web-based issue reporting and tracking system. Throughout the years, Moodle has been maintained by Enovation to ensure the best learning experience to CLL’s customers.


CLL’s Moodle online learning platform provides staff from international institutions with a structured and flexible learning program under the guidance of expert trainers.

Since the implementation of Moodle, the number of customers from public institutions has increased three-fold to reach 3,500 users.

CLL and Enovation are already working together to extend the use of Moodle to the other 25,000 customers of CLL, which includes the general public and business clientele.

Jonathan Quique, ICT Manager, CLL Language Centres in Belgium commented about their work with Enovation: “In 2012, we selected Enovation to work with us to customise and implement the Moodle learning management system for our language schools.”

“We wanted a Partner who could deliver on our requirements in terms of implementing a custom solution and providing ongoing hosting and support, that would meet the needs of our Corporate language learning customers.”

“Enovation have delivered all that we have required and their level of service and professionalism has often exceeded our expectations. We look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.”