Buen Data achieves Moodle Premium Certified Partner status in Colombia

June 26, 2024 By Moodle

Buen Data has achieved Moodle Premium Certified Partner in Colombia, an achievement that highlights their commitment and excellence in the field of online learning. This accomplishment highlights their dedication to providing top-tier online learning solutions and expertise in leveraging the Moodle platform.

“Becoming a Moodle Premium Certified Partner is an honour and a responsibility that we accept with great enthusiasm,”  said Hemerson Carreño, Co-founder and CEO of Buen Data. “This recognition allows us to continue leading the way in innovative learning solutions, positively impacting educational institutions and companies throughout the region.”

This milestone comes at a time of significant transformation in Colombia’s online learning landscape. Educational institutions are embracing digital ecosystems, facilitating personalised and accessible learning experiences. This shift aligns with the increasing demand for modern, flexible education, driven by government initiatives promoting digital inclusion and lifelong learning.

In the corporate sector, organisations across Colombia and Latin America are turning to platforms like Moodle Workplace to enhance professional development and operational efficiency. The flexibility and accessibility of these solutions enable personalised training programs, accessible anytime and anywhere, tailored to employees’ specific needs.

Buen Data’s expertise in Moodle implementation has already delivered tangible results. Eficacia is a company in Colombia that provides business solutions in sales and marketing, and human management. In a recent project, Buen Data helped the company address challenges in manual training management, including errors and compliance risks. By implementing Moodle Workplace, Eficacia automated and personalised training programs, resulting in improved compliance, reduced security risks, and increased operational efficiency.

About Buen Data

Buen Data offers comprehensive eLearning solutions tailored to organisations’ unique needs. They deliver exceptional eLearning experiences through personalised Moodle LMS implementation, mobile learning with the Moodle App, and employee training with Moodle Workplace.

For more information, visit Buen Data’s website, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages.