How can a “Feature Friday” improve your Moodle?

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Moodlers, if you follow us on any of our social channels (listed below), you might have come across our Feature Friday posts.

At the end of every week, and of course, for every Friday, we publish a post that explores a Moodle feature in detail. Our aim is to improve every educators’ knowledge of Moodle and increase their ability to engage their learners.

Let’s take a look at some of the features we have explored this year:

Wiki in Moodle
Students, educators and admins can collaboratively create and edit wikis in a Moodle course to help learners build knowledge.

Course backup
In addition to automated backups typically organised by site admins, teachers with editing privileges can also save some (or all) of their Moodle course using the course backup feature.

Teachers can create and maintain a knowledge bank for learners in Moodle. In addition to empowering students on their learning journey, the glossary can be used to help learners discover the meaning of a phase, similar to a dictionary.

Design and build quizzes in Moodle to easily assess your learners’ knowledge. The quiz feature includes question types such as multiple choice, true or false, short answer or drag and drop.

Course Layout
By customing their course layout, educators can control how their Moodle course appears to students. This is achieved by changing aspects such as the navigation bar, the course name and more.

Lesson Activity
Using a series of pages, learners are able to make interactive choices within their Moodle course. How the activity is displayed is decided by a teacher in the lesson settings.

When made available by administrators, educators can add filters to their Moodle course. Each filter has a uniquely useful purpose, such as the activity names filter which links an activity by typing its name in a different part of the course.

Choice Activity
Teachers can set up voting options in their Moodle course. This means they can easily see how learners are progressing and gauge their opinions or needs.

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