How can Moodle’s Gradebook improve the platform’s usability for teachers?

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Did you know each course in Moodle has its own gradebook which can be accessed from the grades link in the navigation drawer?

The gradebook contains the grades for each student in the course.

By default, students and teachers can see this link and students can use it to can access their course grades.


In the example gradebook below, teachers can see the various elements of the gradebook as tabs across the screen. However, administrators can change this so the elements show as a drop down menu instead of tabs, or both.

Grade report

The first screen is the grader report: here, a teacher can see their students and their graded activities. As the teacher scrolls they can still see the names and titles – even if there is a large number of students in graded activities.

grader report

The grade history allows educators to see the different grades, when they were modified and by whom.

Grade history

When clicked on, the pencil icon next to a student’s name, the teacher will be taken to ‘single view’. Single view allows teachers to focus on one student or one grade item.

Single view gradebook

Single view also provides an insight to what a student sees when using Moodle’s gradebook.

Moodle Gradebook

The user report shows the individual grades of one student. This is also what the student sees when they click the grades link in the nav drawer.

Grader report

In the user report, a teacher can add new grade items or edit existing ones by clicking the Setup tab. Teachers can also decide on course grade setting preferences here.

Gradebook setup

Or a teacher can select the Scales tab to add a custom (created by teachers) or standard scale (made by administrators).

Gradebook scales

So how can a teacher add a new scale?

  1. First they must click the “add a new scale button”.
  2. Then, they must give it a name and add the items with the lowest first, for example “Fail, Pass, Merit, Distinction”.
  3. Clicking “save” will then make the scale available to use in courses, such as assignments.

Moodle’s gradebook also allows teachers to import grades that they have offline as easily as pasting from a spreadsheet.

The grades can also be exported as different formats, for example if a teacher wants to print them off.

To find out more information about gradebook check out the explainer video below, or read the Moodle documentation.

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