Changing perceptions: Reflection on the final week of Learn Moodle MOOC 3.2.

January 30, 2017

It’s a wrap!

The first Learn Moodle MOOC of 2017 and our sixth run of the course concluded last weekend.

Moodle HQ presented many participants with completion certificates and also saw a lot of positive feedback showing the enjoyment and learning  gained from it.

Moodle’s Community Educator, Mary Cooch,  reflects on the success of the MOOC in her blog, stating that one of the inspirational things she sees from the MOOC is that it allows participants to alter their perceptions of Moodle.

By connecting educators from all over the world, participants witness the scale and potential of Moodle, a topic which has been discussed within the Learn Moodle community forums.

In addition, Learn Moodle MOOC presented participants with the opportunity to join Moodle’s global community, connecting new and experienced users together and enabling everyone to share ideas and Moodle knowledge – essentially helping each other.

In her blog, Mary also highlights the growing success of the Moodle Mobile App and that in every Learn Moodle MOOC the number of users accessing the courses via the app increases.

To support the growing popularity of the app, Learn Moodle participants were given the option of completing a quiz about mobile learning. They could also do an optional assignment via the Moodle Mobile App.

Although the latest Learn Moodle MOOC is now over, there are still a number of opportunities to get involved and learn:

The next Learn Moodle MOOC begins on 19 June 2017. Stay tuned and follow updates from @LearnMoodle twitter to be the first to know when the course is available to sign up.

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