Why come along to MoodleMoot US 2017 in sunny Miami?

What are you doing from 6 – 8 November 2017?

If you are in the US or nearby, we’d love to see you and join us in sunny Miami for our major MoodleMoot US 2017 conference.

On the agenda are presentations from our Education team, keynote address from our chief Moodler on upcoming (and exciting) Moodle initiatives, presentations on Moodle project from around the world and of course a Moodle Party to network, socialize and catch up with peers.

But why come along all the sunny Miami to do all of this?

Well we talk to Moodler, Associate Professor and MCCC Mentor-Assessor for one of our US Moodle Partner, Elearning Experts, Kim Salinas, on why she’s attending her first MoodleMoot US!

Kim also talked to us previously about using Moodle Mobile in her classroom so we’re looking forward to chatting to her about #MootUS17 now.

Let’s hear from her.

Moodle HQ: Kim, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today about your upcoming first experience to MoodleMoot US 2017.

What made you decide to attend this Moot in Miami?

Kim: My pleasure, it’s great to chat with you again! I am all about sharing my #MoodleLove with everyone.

There are many reasons I am attending the Moot in Miami, but I will narrow it down to a few. While I’ve been using Moodle since version 1.9, this will be my first official MoodleMoot.

I want to stay up to date with the many tools and features of Moodle so I can continue to facilitate, train, and support other Moodlers. I also love to see how others use Moodle. One of the best things about the Moodle community is the collaboration that takes place.

Lastly, I really look forward to being surrounded by other Moodlers and having the chance to meet Martin!

Moodle HQ: Although you have not attended a MoodleMoot beforehand, what have you heard, learnt or discovered through other Moodlers and our global community about a MoodleMoot?

Kim: Working at Elearning Experts has allowed me to learn more about MoodleMoots. I discovered that MoodleMoots are a great place to connect, collaborate, explore, experience, engage, and to simply be surrounded by others that have an interest in Moodle. While I won’t be presenting this time, I can’t wait to immerse myself in this experience as an attendee! Hopefully, other first-timers will be joining me!

Moodle HQ: We know you are not presenting at this year’s Moot in the US. But what presentations do you think you and perhaps your colleagues / peers using Moodle would like to see?

Kim: For me, I like to see other Moodlers tips and tricks as far as functionality goes. I am always looking to be as efficient as possible.

I really like to see what others are doing with Moodle as it may lead me to make some changes in my courses. Updates are important so I can see what the future looks like. User interface and user experience is something that interests me.

I want to see more about the improvements to the Moodle Mobile App. I think it is beneficial to also have presentations on what tools to use and when. It is good to span from the new Moodle user to the advanced user, the administrators, and the developers.

I also want to hear from the Moodle Education team.

Moodle HQ: Last question, what are you hoping to learn from MoodleMoot US 2017 in Miami? What are some of the objectives for attending the Moot?

Kim: I first want to take in the awesomeness of a face to face Moot. I look forward to meeting many of my fellow Moodlers that I only know from the online setting. It’s always fun to actually meet someone in person when you have come to know them in the virtual setting.

There is always something to learn when it comes to Moodle. I consider myself an advanced Moodler and I still learn from something that may be considered basic.

My objectives for the Moot would be:

  • Learn new things about Moodle
  • Connect and collaborate with fellow Moodlers
  • Share my #MoodleLove
  • Meet Martin!!

It sounds like this #MootUS17 will meet my objectives!! #MoodleLove


Thanks Kim for taking the time to chat to us today.

If you would like to join Kim, other Moodlers and of course many of us from Moodle HQ in Miami from 6 – 8 November, we look forward to seeing you all there.

Early bird registration tickets are now still available, giving you a 10% savings and a chance to grab one of our new Moodle design t-shirts.

Or, if you are interested in presenting on some of the topics Kim mentioned or other Moodle projects or research you have been working on, let’s hear it!

See you in sunny Miami soon Moodlers!

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