Counting down to MoodleMoot Brasil in João Pessoa

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Did you know that Brazil is the only country in the world that holds two Official MoodleMoots every year? In 2018, the first MoodleMoot Brasil took place in São Paulo in April and now Moodle Moot Brasil – João Pessoa is taking place in November 22 and 23.

With more than 5,300 registered Moodle Sites and a land of more than 8.516 km², the Brazilian Moodle community organises two yearly Moodle events to reach as many educators, researchers and developers as possible. “This experience has worked and we are reaching more and more people” says Gilvan Marques, member of the Brazilian Moodle Community and organiser of MootBR18, “We conduct an opinion poll after the Moots where one of the questions is ‘How many MoodleMoot editions have you participated in?’ and above 70% say it is their first time”.

So what will MootBR18 – Jampa be about? “Our MoodleMoot is made by the community and we are an open space for all Moodle related topics, such as use cases, development, pedagogical use of the LMS, plugins, etc.” continues Marques. “In this particular event we will once again have the participation of Simey Lameze and Daniel Neis, both developers of Moodle HQ who will talk about what’s new in Moodle 3.6 and Moodle Analytics. We will also have some hands-on workshops, including one on H5P”

Of course, delegates will also have the chance to get to know edtech companies that will be able to enhance their e-learnings projects. Our Moodle Partner Adapta is co-organising the event together with the Moodle Community in Brazil, and founders Gilvan Marques and Daniel Neis will be at the disposal of the participants to talk about any subject related to Moodle. 

“In addition, we will have the support and availability of the event space provided by the Faculdades IESP. Without the support of IESP it would be impracticable to make such an inexpensive and quality event.” adds Gilvan Marques.

Check the complete MoodleMoot Brasil program on the MootBR18 website and book your spot before November 20!

In the meantime, you can take a look at the presentations shared at the MoodleMoot 2018 São Paulo, accessible in this website, see all the previous editions at or participate in the Moodle Brasil community at

Keep up with all things MoodleMoot Brasil following the organisation on their twitter account @moodlemoot_br and facebook page


MoodleMoot Brasil – João Pessoa 2018

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