Ebook: ‘Facing change in the workplace: why a learning culture is the answer’

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In today’s ever-evolving era of digital transformation, organisations need to keep up with the change to thrive. Globalisation, technology developments and new generations are undoubtedly transforming the nature of workplaces.

However, companies are not only striving to keep up with changes in the business landscape: they also need to bridge the skills gap within their workforce and address the employees’ expectations for continuous learning.

So, as L&D professionals, how can we best leverage learning in the workplace to help tackle these challenges?

We have created an ebook that will take you through the whys and hows of rethinking learning at the workplace. The ebook also lays out the path to developing a culture of learning, empowering your employees, and helping your business to adapt to change, including:

  • Understanding the skills gap
  • Continuous learning: the way of the future
  • New employee needs for the learning experience
  • Learning culture: improving the employee experience
  • The 5 golden rules for implementing a learning culture

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