Moodle Partner Edunao expands its services into Switzerland

June 18, 2019 By

Edunao, a successful Moodle Partner, provide professional IT and e-learning services to deliver open-source online training platforms. The company has developed a unique methodology to efficiently define and implement digital transformation for all teaching and learning environments. Edunao came on board as a Moodle partner back in 2015.

Over the last 10 years, the team at Edunao has adapted its services and grown its team to align with the growth in demand for online learning management systems. A result of this growth and investment into research and development, Edunao now is expanding its services in Switzerland as a Moodle Partner to K12, Higher Education and Corporate learning industries. Switzerland will be Edunao’s third Moodle Partnership, and office in Europe, adding to their success with existing clients across France and Belgium.

“Edunao is happy to join the Moodle community in Switzerland, to better serve its clients & partners” says Edunao CEO Cyril Bedel.“After years working with Swiss organizations, the Edunao team is proud to officially become a Moodle Partner in Switzerland. With a long tradition of neutrality and efficiency, Switzerland is home to a wide variety of organizations that Edunao is thrilled to support from its office in Geneva, along with its network of professionals in Western Europe”.

Juan Lucca, Chief Commercial Officer at Moodle says: “We are delighted to see the success of our Moodle Partner Edunao continue to grow over the years. Their expansion into Switzerland is a key achievement and we look forward to supporting their rapid growth.”

Edunao is a leading open source edtech company in the French-speaking region, and proud Moodle Partner.  Other affiliations include partnerships with Cisco, Intelliboard, and other fine education technologies vendors. For more information visit

About Moodle

Founded in Perth, Australia, Moodle produces an open source learning platform with over 100,000 registered sites including more than 160 million users worldwide. In pursuit of their mission of “empowering educators to improve our world”, Moodle’s software gives educators and learners powerful, flexible software tools for online learning and collaboration.

Moodle software is used as a key part of operations for schools and Universities such as the UK Open University, University of Barcelona, Monash University, Columbia University, Shanghai International University and Mumbai University; corporate users such Mazda, Allianz, Vodafone and Coca-Cola, as well as other organisations such as the United Nations, World Vision International and the US Armed Forces.

Moodle’s open source project and development is supported by its global community of users and network of certified Moodle Partners, who offer a range of tailored Moodle services and support.

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About Edunao

Edunao provide professional IT and e-learning related services to deliver open-source online training platforms. Edunao has developed a unique methodology to efficiently define and implement digital transformation in teaching and learning. The technical solutions Edunao offer assist its clients in the design, integration and ongoing support of learning management systems, with the experience of over 500 e-learning platforms dedicated to 2 million users. Edunao serves academic institutions, training organisations and companies in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Maghreb in western Africa. As a certified Moodle Partner, Edunao provides a full range of Moodle-specific services including hosting, theme customisation, training and support.

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