Enhance your online communications through more support for emoji characters in Moodle 3.3

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Moodlers!! You can now enhance your online communications with other Moodle with emojis that are better supported in the 3.3 release.

Moodle 3.3 has improved our support of multibyte unicode characters on mySQL databases.

In non-technical terms, if you are using MySQL, this will make Moodle work more naturally for a wider variety of languages, such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean!

Just another way that we are working towards making Moodle more accessible to all our global users.

emoji support

Another important benefit you will see from this is that Moodle now has much better support for emoji characters everywhere that text can be entered, such as forum posts, headings and of course messaging both on the web and in our Moodle Mobile App.

You can see how more support for emoji characters look in Moodle 3.3 through our explainer below.

Emoji support

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