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For the last 18 months Enovation have been part of a consortium of Academic and Industry partners collaborating on an EU funded project to enhance existing competency frameworks to include Educational Data Literacy (EDL) for Instructional Designers and eTutors. We were invited to be part of the project team owing to our extensive expertise in working in the online learning space utilising open source software, specifically Moodle.

Why is this Important?

Online learning is pervasive across all sectors of the economy, not just the traditional Education sector but also in the workplace. Because of this, Instructional Designers and Tutors on online courses (eTutors) are key to ensuring the success of these online programmes from the initial design through teaching on the course and ensuring active learner engagement. The existing competence frameworks for Instructional Designers and eTutors do not cover Educational Data Literacy which, given the importance of Educational Data Analytics, is the dimension on which the Learn2Anlayze project will focus in order to enhance these existing frameworks.


The academic partners analysed the existing state of the art in relation to competence frameworks and professional development programs, and developed a report on the emerging competences for Instructional Designers and eTutors. Experts from industry were surveyed for their opinion on the relative importance of various competence statements. Subsequently, a number of these experts, who provided additional comments in the survey, were interviewed to help improve and validate the results.

Putting it into Practice

Now that the research phase is complete we are ready to launch the Learn2Analyze MOOC. The objective of the MOOC is to develop the basic competences required to be able to work with, and make sense of, the educational data available to those working in online education. The MOOC will achieve this through explaining the theory on core issues related to collecting, analysing, interpreting and using educational data, including ethics and privacy, with practical experience of applying educational data analytics in three different e-learning platforms, namely, Moodle, the eXact Suite and the IMC Learning Suite.

From an Enovation perspective this close collaboration with the academic and industry partners  has helped us to forge new relationships and to develop our internal skills in relation to Educational Data Literacy. We are delighted to be supporting the MOOC through our eTutors who will be actively supporting users in Module 5.

Sign-up and Learn

We hope that you will find this MOOC of benefit to you and your colleagues. Enrolment is now open here, with the MOOC scheduled to start on 21st October 2019 and ending on 14th December 2019.

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