Moodle’s presence continues to grow as Certified Partner Eummena expands to new locations in the Middle East and North Africa

August 11, 2020 By Moodle

Eummena Enterprise broadens Moodle services and solutions as it extends its operations to 6 new regions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), in addition to its existing Moodle partnerships in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Already offering a wide range of Moodle services to the industry, public institutions and educational organisations across Europe and the MENA region, Eummena provides solutions to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine.

Jad Najjar, co-founder and CEO of Eummena, said of the broadened partnership, “Ever since our establishment in Belgium (Leuven), the Eummena team is on a quest to unlock human potential. Our recently expanded partnership with Moodle will further enable us to reach our goals as we grow, building strong relationships across the region and expand on our capacity to deliver Moodle products and service delivery.”

Covid-19 has forced many academic, training and workplace institutions in the MENA region to rethink their learning environments, shifting to the ‘new normal’ of mainly online educational and training platforms. Eummena’s mission of binding educational technology with the human factor, underpins their approach to supporting organisations in their digital transformation journey, empowering all stakeholders to fully maximize the benefits and value of the implemented platforms.

Coping with the new education ‘normal’, we are also expanding our partnership with vendors like Turnitin for plagiarism detection, SMOWL eProctoring, Poodll for language support, Oracle for very enterprise-level data warehouses,” said Tasos Koutoumanos, Partner and Chief Technologist of Eummena.

He continues, “Eummena, as an established EdTech solution provider and Certified Moodle Partner in the MENA region, bridging technical excellence, agile delivery, an end-to-end dev-ops culture, integrations of open source software, and best practices from successful initiatives in Europe and MENA, we look forward to scaling up our service offerings in the new regions, empowering institutions, educators, and learners for quality education for all.”

Eummena has recently lent its support services to the largest and oldest high-ed institution in Jordan, the University of Jordan, with over 50,000 students. In the wake of Covid-19, the University was forced to move all its exams online. Already using Moodle, in just 10 days, Eummena boosted the University’s learning platform to support 12,000 concurrent users, allowing students to continue their studies during the global pandemic.

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About Eummena
Established in 2011, Eummena is an innovative EdTech company that provides consultation, installation, hosting, operations & support, optimisation, customisation and training services (including the Moodle Educator Certification).

At the forefront of future learning and R&D for applying excellence and facilitating the digital market growth across Europe, Eummena facilitates the transfer of technical know-how and practical hands-on expertise to the MENA region and across the globe.

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