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They currently have over 20,000 active users on their Moodle and Mahara sites and have been a long term partner with Synergy Learning for over five years. The college provides all-round, flexible education and training opportunities, specifically designed to help individuals discover their potential at a time and pace suitable to their lifestyle and commitments.

The Challenge

Forth Valley College found that their previous learning platform was too constrictive and didn’t provide them with the flexibility they needed from a virtual learning environment.

Services Provided

  • Configuration and optimisation of the Moodle and Mahara hosting platform.
  • Ongoing upgrades of Moodle and Mahara releases.
  • Theme design and enhancement of landing pages with dynamic content delivery.
  • Responsive theme design to support access on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Development of bespoke features including assignment feedback reports.
  • Training and support for key staff.
  • Consultation with future plans and features of the platforms.


The Moodle and Mahara sites that we designed, developed and support, have provided students and lecturers with a learning environment and ePortfolio which enables;

  • Flexibility – students can learn when they want, where they want.
  • Instant access to support materials and resources.
  • Independence and responsibility for lecturers and students to manage their own learning.
  • Distance learning.
  • Online assessments – no need for students to travel to submit assignments before a
  • deadline, it can all be uploaded and assessed by lecturers online.
  • Self directed study – students can use the system to learn other topics which may not
  • necessarily be related to their current course, giving them a wider skill set.
  • 20,000 active users across both platforms.
  • An ongoing and evolving partnership between Synergy Learning and Forth Valley College.
  • Considerable cost and resource savings.

The platform has even given selected students the opportunity to gain some real life work experience by working on the Moodle site in their summer holidays.

“Our students say they couldn’t imagine being without the Virtual Learning Environment provided by Synergy Learning. It is a one stop portal for learners for everything they could possibly need whilst studying at Forth Valley College. Since the installment of the VLE, there have been huge cost and resource savings made, as all mandatory training is delivered to staff on Moodle and all recording is automated”.

Jasmin Hodge
Organisational Learning Co-ordinator for Forth Valley College

Download the client story of Moodle and Mahara from Synergy Learning here 

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