Get access to or download the Moodle Mobile App easier in Moodle 3.4

November 22, 2017 By

If you’ve been keeping up with our Moodle 3.4 news posts you will know that our latest release has focused on improving usability. One way in which we are doing this is by encouraging learners to access their Moodle courses anywhere and at anytime using the Moodle Mobile App.

In Moodle 3.4, administrators can now encourage participants to download and use the Moodle Mobile App (when enabled) with a useful link in the footer of the site.

Users can also download the app through a link that appears on their profiles when they are not yet using the app.

The link can be also be customised to link to an organisation’s Branded MoodleMobile App.

Once a user has downloaded the app, the dashboard will show that the Moodle Mobile App is connected.

These easily accessible links to download Moodle Mobile App empower users to access their site wherever and whenever, through their mobile devices.

To find out more about mobile app links in Moodle 3.4, watch our explainer video below:

Or for more information: