Guide teachers and students through your Moodle site with the new user tours feature

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Creating engaging learning experiences in your learning environment is enhanced with the new user tours feature in Moodle 3.2. Administrators can now apply instructional overlays to the Moodle user interface, via the site administration menu.

These overlays can be used to:

  1. welcome users with a custom tour of your Moodle site.
  2. highlight key areas, showcase new features and introduce users to the new Boost default theme – creating engaging learning experiences in your learning environment is easy with this new 3.2 core feature.

To build user tours, administrators need to:

  1. go to the site administration menu
  2. click on “create new tour.”
  3. enter a name and a description and then add the URL of the page you want the tour to appear on. The name and description can be written in English or other languages using the multilang filter.

If you’re not sure how to configure the settings it’s a good idea to leave them as default and enable the tour later on after you’ve finished making it.

When the tour details are saved, it’s time to create the various steps which will appear as pop up boxes, by clicking “new step.”

Tour filters

The “tour filters” setting allow administrators to choose who will see the tour. For example, for a walkthrough which is created for  first-time students, site administrators would select “students” under tour filter.

Moodle 3.2 also allows the  application of user tours into themes other than Boost and has the option for the tours be displayed across all themes or specified themes.

Target type

Target type is a setting which determines where a user tour will be displayed on the page. In Moodle 3.2, users can choose from blocks, middle of the page, and CSS selector.

CSS selector allows users  to position tour pop-ups anywhere on the page by using the browser’s developer tools. Make sure to check out Moodle’s explainer video (below) for a visual demonstration on how to implement CSS selector in the user tour.

Once the user tour is ready, it can be enabled on the main user tours screen.

A user tour repository on is available for reference and downloading for those who would like an idea of how to build and design a user tour for their own Moodle learning environments.

The user tours in have been created by Moodle community members and are also available in multiple languages.

Thank you to Dublin City University for supporting us to make the user tours feature available in Moodle 3.2.

Preview how to create and navigate through the user tours in a Moodle site by viewing our explainer video below.


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