Happy Birthday, Moodle!


Today, August 20, is Moodle’s 17th birthday and we wanted to mark this occasion with a quick blog post to you all.

It’s been an eventful year for us at Moodle HQ and we are so proud of what we have achieved over the past 12 months. We’ve had some exciting changes to our team structure, operations and products.

Check out some of our key milestones and achievements from this past year:

While we are reminiscing about our journey, growth and achievements over the past year, here are 17 interesting fun facts about our Moodle HQ team:

  1. We have almost DOUBLED in size since this time two years ago
  2. We have two offices – our head office in Perth, Australia, and an office in Barcelona, Spain
  3. The rest of our team members work from home or co-working spaces, in 11 different countries around the world
  4. Our team members can work anywhere, anytime. To demonstrate our passion, we partnered with Global Working from Home Day this year and promoted our approach to agile working
  5. We also encourage global mobility, with several of our team members spending time working outside of their home country in our Perth or Barcelona offices
  6. We have someone online working at all times of the day – working across 7 time zones
  7. Between us, we speak more than 20 different languages
  8. Besides Martin (our CEO and Founder), our longest serving team member has been with Moodle for 14 years.
  9. …and our newest team member joined us yesterday!
  10. Collectively, our current team members have over 257 years experience working at HQ
  11. We regularly ask the HQ team what they think about working at Moodle – and they love it!  In particular, our team rates their sense of autonomy over their work at 8.7 out of 10, and our approach to flexible work at a tremendous 9.2 out of 10!
  12. We love learning! We’re spending lots of time on our own Moodle platform, developing courses and content for HQ team members and refining the ways we do things.
  13. Culture is important to us, so we have a dedicated team of 15 representatives from across the business, our Culture Champions, that help us build initiatives to support our fantastic work environment.
  14. We value each other’s opinions.  Before most change happens at Moodle, we consult the team to get their thoughts on how to best approach the change (often using a Moodle poll!)
  15. We love to celebrate!  After each release, you’ll find the HQ team, including our remote team members, celebrating our hard work – together where we can.
  16. We are a values driven organisation – we make decisions based on our values, we reference them often and we make sure our new recruits are aligned to our values as part of the recruitment process
  17. The most common first letter of all our team members’ names is…wait for it…M!

“As you can see, it’s been an exciting year at Moodle.  We’re growing rapidly, we’re working on some amazing initiatives as a company but we’re also focusing heavily on becoming a Great Place to Work, one of Moodle’s 8 company goals.  Looking forward to another 12 months of milestones!”

Holly Barnes – Head of People & Culture

This year, we recorded over 150 million users of Moodle around the world; a pretty awe-inspiring statistic. Of course, all of this couldn’t happen without the ongoing support of our amazing community and our Moodle Certified Partners. So thanks all for another great year…we’re now going to eat some celebratory cake!

Sound like a workplace you’d like to be a part of?  Check out Moodle’s current vacancies and get in contact today!

About Moodle

Moodle is the world’s most used open source learning platform. With a big community of educators and researchers, Moodle’s goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of education globally. With over 100,000 registered sites and more than 160 million users worldwide, Moodle’s innovative software and services support the education and training needs of many organisations around the world. It powers institutions like the United Nations or the UK Government, companies like Google, Shell and international universities, K-12 and Higher Education schools worldwide.

In pursuit of their mission of “empowering educators to improve our world”, Moodle’s software gives educators and learners powerful, flexible tools for online learning and open collaboration.

Moodle’s mission is supported by their network of over 90 certified Moodle Partners that can provide technical support, customisation, hosting and all Moodle-related services to help with organisations e-learning project.

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