Have your say: Moodle Mobile App

Moodle’s official Moodle Mobile app enables convenient access from all mobile platforms to Moodle sites, with access to course content, contacts and ability to view discussions on the go. As the Moodle HQ team dedicated to Mobile works to evolve the application, we are seeking feedback from the community on their views for the future of Moodle Mobile.


In this short survey, you can cast your vote on the importance of new features and add your own views on the application. As an open source platform, Moodle actively seeks the views from the community.

Start your demonstration
Moodle’s demo site, Mount Orange, is accessible via the Moodle Mobile app with the ability to view courses in a number of roles. With pre-populated content, the demo site allows anyone to freely view the functionality of the app, ease of contact with participants and how to use the application on the go.

Download Moodle Mobile today
The official Moodle Mobile app is available to download at no cost to your device now via https://download.moodle.org/mobile/  It is important to note that your Moodle site will only be available if the site administrator has activated your Moodle site, and the version in use is Moodle 2.4 or later.


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