IThinkUPC Spain Achieves Moodle Premium Certified Partner Status

February 23, 2021 By Abby Fry

With over 20 years experience implementing Moodle-based solutions in the education, government, corporate and health sectors across Spain, it is befitting that IThinkUPC has achieved Moodle Premium Certified status. 

“Being a Moodle Partner, and in this case achieving the highest level of partnership as a Premium Moodle Partner, is recognition of IThinkUPC’s hard work over many years.  In Spain, we have become the reference company for Moodle platform projects and services. Being associated and recognised by Moodle, the worldwide leading brand in online learning, further cements this position,” Ricard Grau, Business Development Manager at IThinkUPC says.

Mirroring global trends, the Covid-19 pandemic has re energised the impetus of Spanish organisations and education institutions to evolve, refine and, in some cases, introduce online learning solutions. IThinkUPC’s credentials in designing, implementing and delivering training in Moodle-based projects has resulted in strong demand for their services. 

IThinkUPC provides a complete portfolio of services related to the Moodle platform, from consulting services to analysing customer needs and adapting the platform so that it is closely aligned with organisations requirements. This can emcompass the entire deployment project, including graphic and functional customisation, integration with other information systems, training the customer’s staff to be self-sufficient, offering a cloud service to host, maintain and update the Moodle platform, and helping to design, create and improve content for the new learning platform.

A cornerstone IThinkUPC project for the Escuela del Agua institution straddles both the education and corporate learning sectors. Escuela del Agua was created by Suez Spain to share and transfer knowledge in the field of water and the environment. Its activities are aimed at companies, government and professionals in the water sector as well as at the general public through awareness-raising campaigns. IThinkUPC implemented a corporate virtual campus together with a collaborative community space, which among other features allows the management and governance of learning platforms to be integrated.  This has resulted in the development of a bespoke platform that is fully suited to the needs of the organisation.  The Moodle-based virtual campus includes a multi-client configuration that enables the look and feel to be customised for each client, and brings together training intellectual property in a single space.  With the corporate virtual campus platform and the Community of Teachers (CoP) space integrated with the campus, teachers can now connect and share experiences, keep up with the management of the training process, acquire knowledge and skills; and achieve more recognition for their training activity.

IThinkUPC are also particularly active in the health sector, both in care services and hospitals, with major clients such as the Consorci Parc Taulí de Sabadell, the Consorci Sanitari de l’Anoia or the Institut de Microcirurgia Ocular. They also have wide experience with pharmaceutical and medical device companies, with clients such as Grifols, B. Braun, Laboratorios Menarini, Uriach and Medichem.

Notwithstanding their expertise in education and health, they have also worked successfully in other sectors, such as insurance and retail, with important clients such as MGS Seguros, Agrupació (Assurances du Crédit Mutuel),Mango, Gaes (Amplifon), Planeta, Mediapro, Suez Spain and ONCE. 

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted Terrassa City Council to engage IThinkUPC to create an online learning platform to deliver their occupational training. In collaboration with Foment de Terrassa’s training and IT departments, IThinkUPC developed a virtual Moodle-based campus that is fully adapted — both in terms of graphics and functionality —  for the needs of occupational training. The campus is integrated with key training management systems, has an excellent user experience from any device and has the autonomy to be managed and to create engaging content.

Without training there is no employment, and it was clear to us that we had to make a commitment to offer virtual training to those people who up until now could not access professional training. With Foment de Terrassa’s virtual campus, this is now a reality.” Mª Dolores Megías, Manager of Foment de Terrassa.

Juan Lucca, Moodle’s Chief Commercial Officer, says, “We are very pleased to welcome IThinkUPC as a Moodle Premium Certified Partner – they bring a massive wealth of knowledge and experience in designing and implementing Moodle-based solutions across sectors.  It is going to be exciting times ahead in online learning in Spain!” 

Please visit Moodle Premium Certified Partner, IThinkUPC’s Partner Profile for further information.