Are you a Moodle enthusiast in the United Kingdom or Ireland? If so, mark your calendar for MoodleMoot UK and Ireland 2023, taking placing in a new hybrid format on 15 May – 17 May. 

Using a combination of a Moodle site, Virtual Classrooms, live streaming, and local social hubs, the MoodleMoot aims to be more inclusive than ever before.

This annual conference brings together educators, administrators, developers, and other stakeholders from across the UK and Ireland to explore and share ideas about Moodle LMS. It promises to be an exciting opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest developments and trends in online learning.

The MoodleMoot will feature keynote speakers, presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities for educators, developers, administrators, and anyone interested in using Moodle to enhance their teaching and learning experience. 

“This year’s MoodleMoot UK and Ireland embraces directly one of the hot topics of our time – Artificial Intelligence (AI), not just as a challenge to education, and academic integrity, but also looking at the opportunities for teachers and learners to leverage AI in teaching through Moodle,” says Gavin Henrick, MoodleMoot UK and Ireland Coordinator.

MoodleMoot Highlights

MoodleMoot UK and Ireland promises to be a jam-packed event with a wide range of activities and opportunities for learning and networking. Here are some of the highlights to look forward to:

Presentations: Expert speakers from the field of education and technology will deliver inspiring presentations, sharing their insights and perspectives on the future of online learning, Moodle trends, and more. Presentation topics include ‘Personalising the learning experience’ with Filter Codes by Dave Foord, ‘A6 Training and Consultancy Ltd’ and ‘Captioning your videos in Moodle’ by Laia Canet, Brickfield Education labs. The Moot will feature a keynote presentation titled ‘AI vs AI’ from Dr Mark Glynn PFHEA, Director of Transformation Architecture for Education at EY Ireland. 

Interactive workshops: Attendees will have the chance to participate in interactive workshops facilitated by Moodle experts. These workshops will cover a variety of topics, ranging from ‘Accessibility Bingo – Can you spot the common accessibility issues with this online course?’ by Gavin Henrick, Brickfield Education Labs, to a ‘Show me your superpower’ session by Dr Michelle Moore, Moodle US.

Panel discussions:  Engaging panel discussions will provide a platform for discussions and debates on various Moodle-related topics, such as ‘How can artificial intelligence be integrated into the teaching experience for course builders/facilators’ and ‘How can artificial Intelligence be integrated into the learning experience for students’. Participants can join the conversation and contribute their thoughts and experiences.

Networking opportunities: MoodleMoot UK and Ireland is a perfect opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who share a passion for Moodle. Attendees can connect with fellow educators, developers, and Moodle users from different institutions and exchange ideas and solutions.

Whether you are new to Moodle or an experienced user, the Moot is an excellent chance to gain new insights, connect with other educators, and learn how to leverage the power of Moodle to improve your teaching and learning outcomes. Register on the MoodleMoot UК and Ireland website to join.

Use the hashtag #MootIEUK23 to join the conversation and follow along on social media!