Moodle Users Association – Open for Business!

January 20, 2016 By Moodle

What is the Moodle Users Association?

This short animation explains how you can get your ideas for new features and improvements into Moodle, by joining the Moodle Users Association

Join the Moodle Users Association

Become a member of the non-profit Moodle Users Association and decide on new features and improvements for Moodle. Signup for the Association today.

The mission of the Moodle Users Association is to support the growth of Moodle by providing a strong and united voice to users, giving direction and resources for new Moodle developments. By joining the Association you will have a real say in deciding which Moodle features will be implemented next, even if you are not a developer.

  • Propose projects for developments that you believe Moodle needs
  • Collaborate with other members of the Association to refine requirements for your proposed development project
  • Help the development of other projects through discussion and input
  • Vote for projects to be developed by Moodle Pty Ltd.

Join the Association and start proposing projects for the first full project cycle! You can sign up as an individual member or your organisation can register for membership.

How to join the Moodle Users Association:

  1. Fill in the signup form
  2. Receive an invoice by email – includes payment methods
  3. Pay the invoice (by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer)
  4. Receive a welcome email confirming membership
  5. Login and start proposing projects and developing requirements.

Signup for the Moodle Users Association today!