Key Investors of Moodle and the Future

November 14, 2014 By Moodle

Mergers and acquisitions are common place in news, and even more so in the tech world. Even open source can be acquired – view 10 Major Technology Acquisitions below. While larger organisations are wheeling and dealing to extend their service, Moodle remains focused on our roadmap, and as always, supported by the community.

Moodle is the sum of the hard work of founding developer Martin, the core team over the years, Moodle Partners and and the millions of contributions from the community – these are our investors. We see contributions and investments as the support given and asked for in the forums, the submission and maintenance of plugins, reporting of issues and the time, effort and talent poured into development.

Moodle is free from financial obligation, and used by millions across the globe. We are supported by the royalties from over 60 Moodle Partners and the kind donations from the community.

You can contribute to Moodle, or make a direct donation to help accelerate our development for the future of the world’s leading open source learning platform.