La Salle get a tailor-made Moodle platform by 3ipunt for their new pedagogical project

February 8, 2022 By Júlia Verdaguer

La Salle is an established worldwide educational institution with about 120 centres across Spain and Portugal, offering education at all levels: from preschool to higher education.


A new pedagogical project with a unique structure

In 2020, as part of their new pedagogical project New Learning Context (NLC), La Salle’s centres in Spain and Portugal realised that they required an alternative way to present educational content on their Moodle platform. 

Instead of organising their materials into courses and then sections, La Salle required courses to be organised into ‘sessions’, and for each session to activities and resources like slide presentations, videos, animations, h5p contents, books or PDFs.


A tailor-made Moodle platform for La Salle

Premium Moodle Certified Service Provider 3ipunt worked with the development team at La Salle to create a custom solution that allows each educational institution within the project to display their contents and activities following the structure of the new NLC pedagogical project.

Leveraging Moodle’s flexibility, 3ipunt developed and implemented a new frontend theme for La Salle’s Moodle platform and a local plugin for the backend, which enabled the integration of the new structure and contents into Moodle. 

A customised Moodle course

Additionally, 3ipunt created a PDF printing service that enables La Salle to export all contents of NLC book-type resources into PDF files. As La Salle publishes its own content, a PDF printing service was also required to enable content to be available on the website, any device and on traditional means like paper. 


Meeting La Salle’s business goals

La Salle’s NLC is currently being used by 2,200 learners across 31 schools. The number of learners using the system and educational levels it is being delivered to is projected to increase during the next academic year. 

With 3ipunt’s help, this 360º team developed a completely customised and exclusive eLearning solution with Moodle that adapts to La Salle’s needs and business goals.

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