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La Compañía Colombiana Automotriz – CCA, assembler of Mazda vehicles in Colombia, began operations in 1983. Has offered the Andean market vehicles that exceed customer expectations and generate brand loyalty. This organization also has been characterized by contributing to the development of their employees, their shareholders and society.

Mazda – CCA has different kinds of students in virtual courses from the company and the network of dealers, such as technical service advisors, parts advisors, business advisors, heads of workshop, managers, sales and after sales managers for a approximately a team of 800 people. Recently started to provide online courses to its employees and administrative staff of assembly plant as well.

The Challenge

The training department’s goal, is to improve the skills of dealer network officials using face to face and e-learning programs.

Jairo Giraldo, head of training department, says that while costs associated with decentralized training in big cities were not that significant, the training for province dealers the one reason that encouraged them to venture into e-learning.

“Mazda – CCA needed to expand the coverage of training, it was also necessary to reduce the costs of training for dealers, so they explored several possibilities finding among them Nivel Siete’s Software as a Service for Moodle as the strongest option for their implementation” – Jose Diaz, Nivel Siete

The Solution

With Moodle SaaS the customer realized that a training program that uses e-learning the right way, can expand coverage without sacrificing quality and make your organisation efficient and ready, virtual training programs can be updated permanently and can even be adapted to suit the user’s needs.

The possibility that students could work 7 days / 24 hours at their own pace, in a robust and scalable platform was a technical reason which contributed tothe decision to go ahead with the project.

“CCA-Mazda at first bought a small service package of Moodle SaaS because it would simply implement the post-sale service, seeing that it worked however, they launched new courses each semester, and then rolled out throughout the organization “said José Diaz.

The Results

Since 2007, support and assistance included in Nivel Siete Moodle SaaS solution helps the department perform and focus on the training and dealer needs, not the technical issues.

The Moodle SaaS solution with Nivel Siete has a guaranteed availability of 99.9%, every time for any number of users, making it more reliable and elastic than any internal installation.

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