Meet the Education Team at Moodle HQ

December 22, 2017

Providing quality education worldwide is a core value at Moodle, as reflected in our mission to empower educators to improve our world.

This year we have increased our efforts to achieve this mission by making education a greater focus within Moodle.

We have spread our message to our community, through mediums such as MoodleMoot keynote addresses by our Founder and CEO, Martin Dougiamas.

This year, we’ve also created an Education Team within Moodle HQ and over the past few months we’ve taken the time to meet individual members to find out what unique insights, experiences and educational goals they are bringing to Moodle.

Tom Murdock
Education Manager
Tom started thinking about Moodle in 2002 as a teacher engaging in discussions.

In 2005, he left his classroom and co-founded Moodlerooms (one of our current global Moodle Partners), where he worked to introduce open source to business and business to open source.

As a member of Moodle’s education team Tom describes his role as ‘being a kind of teacher-in-residence at Moodle HQ.’

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Bob McDonald
Education Advisor

In 2003 Bob was introduced to Moodle by a fellow educator. Once he saw how it could be used to help his teaching he was hooked! Bob has worked with Moodlerooms and explored how other LMS platforms and emerging e-learning companies developed strategies to support teachers and students with technology.
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Solange Lalonde

Education Advisor
Based in Canada, Solange is a fifth generation educator. She hopes to use her experience using Moodle in classrooms and in large-scale professional learning projects to advance our mission.

Speaking about her role in the education team, she says: ‘I find myself asking the following 2 questions: “Whose voice is this? Whose voice is missing?”’

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Brent Parkin
Education Advisor
Previously a teacher, Brent has lived in both rural and urban locations around the world including Australia, Iraq and Thailand. Brent is utilising this experience to help Moodle meet the diverse learning needs facing students and teachers from unique backgrounds.

In his role, Brent would like to “support teachers to support their students; to design and build interfaces, support tools and education authority aligned templates, using Moodle.”

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